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The lower ’Tween deck houses the Science user room, the IT office, the Application developer’s office, and data storage. The Science user room is available for use by the scientific and technical staff. The Computer specialists are responsible for the computer network on the ship, data storage and backup, and assisting the scientists with their computer needs. The Application Developers assist with the collection and archiving of scientific data.


  • High-capacity data servers and ~7 TB storage system
  • Wireless network available in laboratory areas
  • Network connections available throughout ship
  • Digital asset management system
  • Over 20 Mac and ~50 Windows general use workstations
  • Over 20 Windows instrument hosts
  • Printers throughout labs and in conference and study rooms
  • Large format plotter and copy machines
  • Video distribution system
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Janus relational database

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Computer User Room
Marine Computer Specialist Office