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After each core is brought up from the seafloor, it is handed over to the Laboratory technicians at the core receiving platform (also known as the catwalk), a covered area outside the Core lab. There, the ~10 meter core is cleaned, measured, and cut into ~1.5 meter sections. A core catcher sample is taken from the end of sediment cores so that their age can be determined based on the microfossils present. In addition, samples may be taken for geochemical or microbiological analyses, and the cores may be scanned for temperature profiles. The core receiving area can be closed off in inclement weather.

Next, the cut core sections are brought into the Core lab, where they are curated and made ready for processing.

All cores follow a standard core flow and measurement sequence, which is described in the labs shown here. The laboratory layout has been designed for efficient core handling and workflow. After the cores have been described and measured, they are packaged, secured on pallets, and stored in the core reefer.