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Depending on the types of sediments or rocks cored, the scientists involved in core description may include sedimentologists, petrologists, or structural geologists. The main duties include

  • Macroscopic visual description of split cores
  • Microscopic observations from smear slides and thin sections
  • Description and measurement of deformational structures
  • Preliminary interpretation of depositional, diagenetic, or deformational processes
  • Selection of samples for shipboard analyses
  • Acquisition of data with split-core tracks, including digital images, diffuse color reflectance, and magnetic susceptibility


  • Ergonomic visual core description stations and software
  • DESClogik core description application
  • Section Half Imaging Logger (SHIL)
  • Section Half Multisensor Logger (SHMSL) for spectral reflectance and point-source magnetic susceptibility
  • One Zeiss DISCOVERY V8 binocular zoom stereomicroscope
  • One Zeiss Axioskop A1 microscope equipped for simultaneous transmitted and reflected polarized light viewing, with a large variety of objectives
  • Minolta color reflectance spectrometers for manual scans
  • Please note that proprietary manuals may be available upon request and subject to limited use
Core description station