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Science Applications

Use the LIMS database to access data from Expeditions 320 to the present and data from older cores generated during these expeditions. For DSDP, ODP, and IODP Expeditions 1–312, please see the Janus database.

Web Applications

For internal users

For Windows
Manage download, install/uninstall, & launch of IODP desktop software.
Includes download and installation support for these applications: CAHN Balance, Catwalk Sampling, Chlorinity Titration, Correlation Downloader, Coulometer, Image Capture, Image Grabber (bulk retrieval), Lims2Excel reporting for publications support, Moisture and Density (MADMax) acquisition, MUT (data upload), Mettler Toledo balance operation, NGR reanalysis of acquired data, Curatorial Request Code Management, SEM Uploader, Sample cataloging (SampleMaster), Spreadsheet Uploader, Thermal Conductivity data upload, Thin Section Report Writer (creates PDFs based on data inputs and report specification), Temperature Fit and data load, Virtual Photo Table generator, Worklist generator for selected batch chemistry applications.
*The above applications require an account and usage authorizations.

For Mac
Manage download, install/uninstall, & launch of IODP desktop software.

After the archive has been downloaded, extract it and double-click the INSTALL file inside. You do not need to have IODPLauncher pre-installed to use the other app installers.

Depending on your version of MacOS, it may be necessary to adjust file permissions and/or supply administrator credentials to run the install script. Permissions can be adjusted with the following commands in the Terminal:

  • cd Downloads/IODPLauncher-OSXInstaller
  • chmod 755 INSTALL

This will change the file icon to a black square with green text reading 'exec'. You should then be able to click on the INSTALL file in the Finder or run it in the Terminal with the command ./INSTALL

If you receive a prompt stating that the application is from an unidentified developer and cannot be run, you will have to provide admin credentials. This can be done in System Preferences > Security and Privacy.

Other Installations


Modified on 25 May 2023.