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ODP & IODP Phases:
JOIDES Resolution

The scientific research vessel JOIDES Resolution began operations in 1978 as the Sedco/BP 471, originally an oil exploration vessel. In January 1985, after being converted for scientific research, the vessel began working for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). Drilling with ODP continued until September 2003, at which point the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) began. IODP is a multi-drilling platform research program. The JOIDES Resolution conducted IODP operations in 2004–2005 with the same capabilities as during ODP. It was modernized during 2007–2008 and resumed operations as IODP’s riserless vessel in 2009, along with the riser vessel Chikyu operated by Japan, and mission-specific platforms operated by the European consortium ECORD. The JOIDES Resolution is owned by Overseas Drilling Limited, a subsidiary of Siem Offshore AS.

The vessel is named for the HMS Resolution, which explored the Pacific Ocean, its islands, and the Antarctic region under the command of Captain James Cook over 200 years ago. Like its namesake, the purpose of the current Resolution is to sail for scientific exploration. But this time, those discoveries lie deep beneath the oceans.

During normal operations, work aboard the ship never ceases as drilling and science activities continue 24 hours a day. A typical ship’s complement consists of up to 60 scientists and technicians and 70 crew members. To learn more about shipboard activities, see

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